Top 5 Cambodian actresses

Writer: Erny Suzira

Veth Rattana (Left) and Danh Monica (Right) two of the most gorgeous and talented actresses in Cambodia.

Hot, beautiful and gifted, nothing defines the Kingdom of Cambodia more than the lovely and talented actresses they have there.

Cambodia has a strong reputation and long history of making famous traditional and horror films which stars brilliant, sexy and gorgeous-looking Cambodian actresses.

Their skilled and convincing performance has put Cambodia as one of the top countries that produce scary horror movies.

Other than horror, these actresses are also known for starring in numerous famous Cambodian films in genres such as drama and folklore. These actresses sometimes feature in Thai films as well, considering that Cambodia is closely related to Thailand.

Aside from acting, these actresses are also expertise in other areas where some of them are singers, dancers as well as models, so let's check out the top 5 actresses in Cambodia.

Veth Rattana


This beautiful Cambodian actress, 28 is one of the most successful Cambodian actresses of the 2000s. She rose to fame in the mid-2000s and starred in numerous Cambodian folktale and drama films. One of the notable films she had acted in was the 2005 Cambodian fantasy film, "Prasna Reatrey" which at that time became a box office hit. Rattana got married in 2006 with Tuk Vandy and she left for United States in 2007 with her husband to settle down. Her migration resulted in her quitting the Cambodian film industry. The year she left, the Cambodian film industry had a downfall.

Danh Monica


[Photo Source: The New York Times]

Another gorgeous Cambodian actress who came to fame the same time as Veth Rattana is the 27-year-old actress who started her acting career as a child actor. Monica is extremely skilled in classical Cambodian ballet and opera where she had learnt from her mother at the tender age of 7. She entered the film industry through her debut film, "The Snake King's Child" at the age of 14, in 2001. Not only is she skilled in acting and traditional arts, she is also a talented singer. Monica is one of the first TV soap opera stars in Cambodia.

Keo Pich Pisey


Keo Pich Pisey is an astounding and gorgeous Cambodian actress, model and former dancer who is best known for her portrayal of Shan Chai in the Cambodian version of "Meteor Garden", a Taiwanese drama based on the Japanese manga series, "Boys Over Flowers". Pisey is also one of the top Cambodian stars who acted in both Cambodian feature films and television series. Some of her notable films include, "Reamke" (2005) and "Sromoul Kraom Pneik" (2007). She is also remembered as her role in the true story of "Pok Phak Rop" where she played an incarnated angel of kampuchea krom.

Sok Sreymom


A veteran Cambodian actress who starred in over hundred films and videos, Sreymom currently resides in California as an accomplished singer traveling around the United States of America. Before Sreymom stayed in U.S., she traveled internationally with the former king of Cambodia, King Norodom Sihanouk's entourage.

Ly Chan Siha


Sometimes referred to as Ly Chan Seyha, this Cambodian actress is known for her role in several movies such as "Gratefulness" (2003) and "Moronak Meada" (2004). Siha also received the accolade for Best Actress Award for her title role in "Moronak Meada".

Cinema Online, 12 November 2014

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