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Anyone wants to apply into any of these haunted schools?

Thai horror movie "Haunted School" opens in cinemas this 8 December. Directed by Manussanun Pongsuwan, the horror comedy follows a group of students who find out the characters from their school's ghost stories turn out to be real and are haunting their school. Before you sign up to watch "Haunted School", first check out what other movies are set in learning establishments that are teeming with restless spirits:

"Midnight University" (Thai)

While filled with spooky ghosts, this Thai horror also incorporates comedy, making this a movie that non-fans of the horror genre may still enjoy watching. The movie tells of a rumour about a certain university which has a class filled with spirits of students who died before they managed to graduate. To help these spirits move on, a special class is created so that the spirits can graduate and go to heaven. Things get stranger and funnier when six human students – including Star, a popular girl who has to go to night school in order to graduate – enrolled into the class.

"Whispering Corridors" (Korean)

Unlike Thai horror movies, Korean horror movies tend to go straight to the gory point with no wisecrack to soften the blow. This first instalment of the "Whispering Corridors" film series, just like the rest of the movies after it, is set in an all-girls school. The 1998 movie follows a former student that returns to start a job as a teacher. When another teacher commits suicide, it gradually reveals circumstances that link the past and the present. As more people start to die in the school, more ghosts start to appear and haunt its corridors. To experience the full horror, check out the other movies in the series: "Memento Mori" (1999), "Wishing Stairs" (2003), "Voice" (2005) and "A Blood Pledge" (2009).

"The Haunted School" (Hong Kong)

Before there was Thailand's horror movie "Haunted School", Hong Kong made one called "The Haunted School". Keeping in step with Asia's fascination with dead school girls haunting all-girls schools, naturally that is the premise of the story. In this 2007 movie, however, four boys are added into the mix to improve the school's income, though they are kept separated from the girls. This is one school whose rules students do not want to go against, as those who are called to the director's office do not come back out alive.

"Harry Potter" film series (British-American)

The ghosts in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry may be more amusing than scary but this is, nevertheless, one haunted school Muggles (or No-Maj to "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" fans or, simply, normal humans to non-J.K. Rowling stories fans) would be wary of stepping into. Some of the notable ghosts include the Bloody Baron, Nearly Headless Nick, Moaning Myrtle, the Grey Lady, the Fat Friar, Professor Cuthbert Binns who may or may not realise he is no longer alive and continues teaching, and Peeves the poltergeist.

"Mourning Grave" (Korean)

Sometimes Korean horror movies can be equally scary and funny, like this 2014 Kang Ha Neul and Kim So Eun-starrer. Kang stars as In-Soo, a high school student who can see ghosts. He tries to help the ghosts he sees but soon decides to stop, following his uncle's advice, when more and more of them come to him. However, he can't resist befriending a ghost girl (played by Kim) after he moves into a school in the outskirts of Seoul. While helping his new ghost friend, he also has to stop a masked ghost who has been murdering the students in his new school.

Cinema Online, 05 December 2016

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