"Tarzan Climbing Day" brings out fans' Tarzan side

Writer: Cheata Vann

They may be drenched in perspiration and tired from all the climbing, but the 20 participants showed their true Tarzan side and never gave up during the challenge of Tarzan Climbing Day, held yesterday at the Phnom Climb Community Gym. With the support of movie fan community Jai Kon, the event was held in conjunction with the release of upcoming movie, "The Legend of Tarzan", in Cambodia. The climbing contest was divided into 4 categories: Kids Climbing, Teenager, Adult, and Speed Climbing. The program started from 8am to 12pm, and concluded with four climbers announced as the winners. Each winner was rewarded with one free climb membership card and a pair of pre-screening passes for "The Legend of Tarzan". One of the winners said, "I'm very happy to be here today, and thanks to the people who has brought this event for the upcoming movie. I have seen the trailer, and I can't wait to see it." "The Legend of Tarzan" swings into cinemas this 14 July. Check out the photos from the Tarzan Climbing Day event!

Who's ready to climb like Tarzan?

One of the happy winners showing off his prizes.

Oh, they're ready!

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Cinema Online, 11 July 2016

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