Do these "Wolf Warrior 2" stars look familiar to you?

Writer: Farah Hanis

Led and directed by Wu Jing, "Wolf Warrior 2" features a stellar lineup, mixing the best of Hollywood and Asia's talents. With names such as Frank Grillo, Celina Jade, Nan Yu, Hans Zhang and not forgetting Wu Jing himself, some of them are bound to ring a bell in your head. Check out the gallery below to find out where you might have seen these stars before. Then head on to the nearest cinemas this 5 October to catch them in action in "Wolf Warriors 2"!

Wu Jing, the Wolf Warrior Leng Feng, was in "A Chinese Odyssey 3" as the Longevity Monk (Top)
and also famous for his role in "SPL 2".

Surely, you've seen Frank Grillo (who plays Big Daddy) as Brock Rumlow in "Captain America: Civil War"
(Top) or when he reprises his role as Leo Barnes in "The Purge: Election Year".

Celina Jade, who plays Dr. Rachel Prescott Smith, can also be seen in the ongoing "Arrow"
televisions series as Shado (Top) and in "Skin Trade" where she starred as Min.

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Cinema Online, 07 October 2017

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