Horror movies filmed at real haunted places

Writer: Farah Hanis

A horror movie by itself is scary enough, but what if it was filmed at a real haunted place? Shot in the abandoned Sathorn Unique Tower, "The Promise" centres on best friends Boum and Ib who swore to end their lives together at the tower following their families' bankruptcy. However, only Ib made true of her words. Now, returning after twenty years, Boum discovers that Ib has never left the tower and is waiting for her to fulfil the promise. Just like this Thai horror piece, here are several horror movies from Asia that are also filmed at real-life haunted places.

Thailand's "The Screen At Kamchanod" is based on a supposed true story, where back in 1982, a group of exhibitors
were hired for an outdoor screening at Kamchanod – except the audience wasn't exactly from the human world.

We also have our own Cambodian movie filmed at a real haunted place – "The Haunted House".
Based on the urban legend in Kampong Chhnang, the abandoned house along Nation Road
No. 5 is haunted and refuses to let those in it to live peacefully (Photo source: Angkor Cambodia's Youtube).

Malaysia's "Villa Nabila" tells of the scary stories that took place in the abandoned house in Johor.
The abandoned bungalow rose to fame after 23 children were rumoured to have gone missing there.

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Cinema Online, 12 October 2017

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