5 times Jackie Chan stars with a Hollywood actor

Writer: Farah Hanis

A name that is recognized around the world, Jackie Chan has created film masterpieces and worked alongside some of the finest performers in the film industry. In the upcoming "The Foreigner", Jackie Chan partners up with Pierce Brosnan, the former playing a despondent immigrant named Quan while the latter plays a British government official, Liam Hennessy. After his daughter dies in an act of terrorism, Quan becomes convinced that Hennessy holds the clue to her killer. He relentlessly pursues Hennessy for the information, regardless of the method that he has to use. Before catching the fight between Jackie and Pierce Brosnan on the big screen this 30 September, let's take a trip down memory lane and check out our pick of the best 5 collaborations between Jackie Chan and noted Hollywood stars.

Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, "Shanghai" Franchise

The "Shanghai" franchise has been the best at capturing the clash between the Wild West and Far East, with Jackie as Chon Wang, the strict Chinese Imperial Guard of the Forbidden City, and Owen Wilson as the Wild West' outlaw Roy O'Bannon. Throughout "Shanghai Noon" (2000) and "Shanghai Knights" (2003), fans get to witness how Roy's flamboyant behaviour rubs off on Chon Wang, while the latter's firm upbringing instils a sense of responsibility in the crook. Of course, all these happen while they are both on a mission to either rescue a beautiful kidnapped Chinese princess or avenge the death of Chon Wang's father. Worry not if you are feeling nostalgic, for it has been revealed that the franchise's third installment "Shanghai Dawn" is currently in the making.

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, "Rush Hour" Franchise

Despite being a formulaic buddy-cop movie, the "Rush Hour" franchise achieved success mainly due to the hilarious pairing of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. With non-stop banter between the rigid Hong Kong supercop and the LAPD police officer, audiences can definitely count on being entertained by their fun antics and superb action. Travelling from Los Angeles ("Rush Hour"), Las Vegas ("Rush Hour 2") to Europe ("Rush Hour 3"), the duo Lee and James Carter show you how one can chase after criminals while having fun as well. It also helped that these movies are accompanied by great music such as Edwin Starr's "War" ("What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!").

Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville, "Skiptrace"

"Skiptrace" is what happens when you mix a by-the-book detective with a freewheeling gambler. Following years of feeling guilty over his best friend's tragic demise, Bennie Chan is constantly chasing after leads of a shadowy underworld figure known as The Matador, whom he blames for the murder. After being asked for help by his goddaughter Samantha, Chan crosses path with flamboyant gambler Conor Watts, who, in addition to have cheated Samantha out of a large amount of her money, also holds the key to the real identity of The Matador. With that, Chan would have no other way than to team up with the criminal to avenge the death of his best friend.

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Cinema Online, 24 September 2017

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