"Wolf Warrior 2" is packed with action!

Writer: Farah Hanis

This sequel to 2015's "Wolf Warrior" promises to be packed with more action and explosion. Following his release from the military prison, former special Ops Leng Feng decides to leave for Africa and spend the rest of his life there peacefully. However, trouble just won't stop coming his way. When his new home gets targeted and attacked by ruthless mercenaries, the Wolf Warrior would have to put a pause on retirement and return to action to bring back peace to the country. Starring Jason Wu, Celina Jade, Nan Yu and "Captain America: Civil War's" Frank Grillo, brace for action when "Wolf Warrior 2" opens in cinemas this 5 October.

Oh no, Lieutenant Colonel Long Xiaoyun has been captured!

Who needs a parachute when you're the Wolf Warrior?

Looking for a driver to drive the tank, Leng Feng?

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Cinema Online, 27 September 2017

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