Fellow anti-heroes just like Deadpool

Writer: Brendan Kwang

With "Deadpool 2" now in cinemas, everybody's all hyped up for the anti-hero again. Not just this particular anti-hero, movie lovers seem to have a soft spot for these hooligans who straddle the thin line between good and evil. Anti-heroes, not to be confused with heroes or villains, are neither as good as the former nor as bad as the latter; they just do what they must to survive and at times happen to save others while doing so. Below are some of the anti-heroes that the Marvel universe has introduced to movie fans around the globe:

First in the list is everybody's favourite Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool. Known to make every
situation turn comically hilarious, he laughs at just about everything, even death.

The Ghost Rider is also an anti-hero; trying to control his power from wreaking
havoc on the innocent, he diverts his rage towards the other evils around him.

Starting out as a villain, Venom first appeared as a bloodthirsty alien
that only wants to kill Spider-Man. He later turns good, or rather, not evil.

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Cinema Online, 19 May 2018

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