Best movies with dogs as leads

Writer: Florey DM

It's a Pug life for Patrick, the titular dog who is spoiled rotten by Sarah Francis' grandmother. He lives a good life being dotted on by the old lady but one day, he suddenly finds himself in the care of Sarah after her grandmother decides to give him to her. Now Sarah's life is already a bit of a mess, having a pampered Pug under her care doesn't make it any better. Find out how Sarah and Patrick will handle the new changes in their lives when "Patrick" opens in cinemas this 29 June. If seeing the adorable furball on screen makes you feel like watching more dog-focused movies, here are 6 of them worth checking out:

"Hachi: A Dog's Tale" (2009), Richard Gere stars in this British-American movie based on
the true tragic story of an Akita Inu called Hachiko, who, after his owner's death , kept returning to the same
train station for nine years, waiting for his owner's return. It is a remake of 1987 Japanese movie, "Hachikō Monogatari"

"A Dog's Purpose" (2017), another testament to a dog's undying devotion.
A dog, who has a strong bond with its owner Ethan, stays by the human's side throughout
multiple reincarnations as several different dogs over five decades.

"Bolt" (2008), this Oscar-nominated animated movie also demonstrates just how loyal a dog can be.
Bolt, having grown up on the set of a TV series, thinks he has super powers and when he is led to
believe that his owner has been kidnapped, he valiantly sets out to rescue her.

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Cinema Online, 25 June 2018

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