Pray "The Nun" won't be haunting your dreams

Writer: Florey DM

James Wan's "The Conjuring" has managed to scare up not just one, but two spinoffs. The first is of course "Annabelle", which also spawned a sequel, "Annabelle: Creation", and the second is "The Nun", haunting the big screens this 7 September. "The Nun" follows a priest, with a haunted past, and a novitiate, as they work together to solve the mysterious death of a young nun at a secluded abbey in Romania. See the photo stills below to see just how terrifying "The Nun" will be.

Not quite a welcome sight when you open a door.

Terrifying nun-like figures approaching from the dark.

Mysterious monastery, where everything begins.

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Cinema Online, 06 September 2018

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