The more peculiar versions of Venom

Writer: Florey DM

As is the norm with comic book characters, anti-hero Venom comes in many different versions. Of course the one featured in the new movie, "Venom", is one where the symbiote bonds with journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy). We might even see She-Venom in future "Venom" sequels since Brock's love interest Ann Weying (Michelle Williams) did eventually become one based on the comics. Let's push aside these Venoms for a while and take a look at some of the more peculiar versions of Venom from the comics.

Deadpool on his own is bad enough but Deadpool plus Venom? The crazy things they get up to.
Venompool was first seen in "Venom/Deadpool: What If? #1".

When Venom meets Tyrannosaurus Rex, we get Venomsaurus Rex, as first seen in
"Wolverine: Old Man Logan", though its existence was only explained in "Old Man Hawkeye #6".

The symbiote bonded with the Guardians of the Galaxy team in  "Guardians of the Galaxy
Volume 4 #1" and Groot was the most memorable with his "I am Venom" catchphrase.

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Cinema Online, 06 October 2018

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