Prep yourself for "Queen of Spades" with these boarding school movies

Writer: Florey DM

We previously did a list of horror movies that are set in schools. This time around, we focus on horror movies set in boarding schools, which are really even scarier because there's no running away from the horror. To prep you for "Queen of Spades: Through the Looking Glass", let's learn of several other movies that take place in a similarly haunted setting..

"Boarding School" (2018). Title says it all. A boy is sent to a remote boarding school
attended by a bunch of misfits and governed by menacing teachers.
He then learns that there is something sinister in his new school.

South Korean mystery-thriller "The Silenced" (2015) follows a sickly young girl who gets
transferred to a boarding school to recover her health. But while there,
she not
only notices abnormal changes to her body, she also notices
that the students are disappearing one by one.

In "Down A Dark Hall" (2018), troubled teen Kit is forced to attend a boarding school
for gifted girls, with the mysterious Madame Duret as headmistress. She finds that
there are only four other students there. Strange things begin happening and as
they explore more of the school, they discover a horrifying secret about it.
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Cinema Online, 28 October 2019

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