The "Unstoppable" Don Lee and Song Ji-hyo

Writer: Florey DM

Don Lee (a.k.a. Ma Dong-seok or the Dwayne Johnson of South Korea) and Song Ji-hyo (otherwise known as the Goddess of Luck on Korean variety show "Running Man") pair up for action movie "Unstoppable", where Lee plays Dong-Chul, a former gangster who goes to great lengths to save his kidnapped wife, Ji-Soo (played by Ji-hyo). Those who are new to this pair might not know that both have been acting since the early 2000s and have appeared in numerous movies, though not together. Here are some of their other movies that are worth a watch before you catch "Unstoppable" in cinemas.។

Since his acting resume is pretty long, we'll pick Lee's more recent movies. First up is "The Outlaws",
where he plays someone from the right side of the law as detective Ma Seok-do.

Lee is elevated to a higher status in the two-part blockbuster "Along with the Gods",
where he plays the Household God.

During a zombie apocalypse like in "Train to Busan", you'll want a tough man
like Lee's character Sang-hwa to fight off the zombies.

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Cinema Online, 25 January 2019

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