"When Ghost Meets Zombie", hilarity ensues

Writer: Florey DM

As so many horror movies have proven, the dead don't always end up resting in peace. Some return as restless spirits, some come back as the undead. Meet Zhen Zhen and Pong. Zhen Zhen turns into a free-spirited ghost after her death while Pong turns into an aimless zombie after his. Hilarity ensues when the ghost possesses the zombie so she can use him to enter a male pageant competition. Before getting possessed with laughter, scroll through the gallery below to see what "When Ghost Meets Zombie" is bringing to life on the big screen!

Everyone seems concerned with the zombie's well-being.

Maybe a relaxing bath will help?

Did you know that lead actress Ferlyn Wong was a K-pop star? She was in the girl
group Skarf. In this movie, she lands her first lead role playing the ghost Zhen Zhen,
who possesses the zombie so she can use his body to join a pageant.

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Cinema Online, 29 October 2019

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