Octavia Spencer stars as "Ma" in this psychological horror movie

Writer: Florey DM

"Ma" stars Oscar-winning Octavia Spencer as the unhinged titular character, Sue Ann Ellington, who is best known as Ma to her group of young friends. The new girl in town, Maggie, starts hanging out at Ma's place because she lets Maggie and her friends do whatever they want. While at first this seems like a perfect arrangement, the group of teens soon discover that Ma's hospitality hides a dark intention. Scroll through the gallery below to get a glimpse of "Ma" before watching it on the big screen soon!

Ma (Octavia Spencer) exchanging glances with the new girl in town, Maggie (Diana Silvers).

This doesn't seem to be a pleasant dinner for Ma and Ben (Luke Evans).

What is Ma planning to do to Haley (McKaley Miller)?

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Cinema Online, 12 July 2019

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