"Warning: Do Not Play": A filmmaker shoots her scariest horror movie yet

Writer: Florey DM

A rookie filmmaker has been trying to come up with a new horror movie for years now. When her friend Kim Joon-Seo (Yoon-ho Ji) tells her about a movie that was supposedly filmed by a ghost and has been banned for being too horrifying, she becomes intrigued and begins researching. This leads her to the movie's director, who immediately tells her to forget about it. Ignoring his warning, she pushes on, but strange things start happening, blurring the line between reality and fiction. Scroll through the photos below to see the horror of "Warning: Do Not Play".

What did Mi-Jung find in this desolate place?

The horror of his movie seems to have rendered Jae-Hyun speechless.

Maybe this is the real horror that's haunting him.

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Cinema Online, 05 October 2019

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