When "Annabelle Comes Home", horror sets in

Writer: Florey DM

It's time to welcome Annabelle into your home again. Or into the nearest cinema, at the very least, as "Annabelle Comes Home" is set to be released this June. The possessed doll this time is safely locked inside Ed and Lorraine Warren's Artifact room, or so they thought. However, when they leave their young daughter at home with her babysitter one night, Annabelle sets off to strike terror in the girls' hearts. Scroll through the photos below to see just what kind of terror awaits in "Annabelle Comes Home".

Annabelle's home!

Pray that Annabelle doesn't come into your room.

Imagine burrowing into the sheets to hide from Annabelle, only to find her waiting inside.

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Cinema Online, 06 June 2019

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