"Ashfall": Star-studded Korean movie heats up the big screen

Writer: Florey DM

"Ashfall", the hottest Korean movie right now, is still showing in cinemas. If you haven't watched it, here's what you need to know: the movie follows the sudden eruption of the volcano on Baekdu Mountain, causing one of the biggest explosions in Korean history. Jeon Yoo-Kyung (Jeon Hye-Jin) then plans an operation based on a theory by Professor Kang Bong-Rae (Don Lee) to prevent the expected additional eruptions from destroying both South Korea and North Korea. Special Forces agent Jo In-Chang (Ha Jung-Woo) teams up with spy Lee Joon-Pyeong (Lee Byung-Hun) to carry out the secret mission. Unaware of his mission, Jo`s wife, Choi Ji-Young (Bae Suzy), struggles to survive in Seoul. See below for details on the star-studded cast and the characters they play.

Don Lee ("Along with the Gods: the Last 49 Days", "Start Up"), a.k.a. Ma Dong-Seok, plays Professor Kang Bong-rae,
who has studied Baekdu Mountain and the possible eruptions from its volcano.

Ha Jung-Woo ("Along with Gods", "The Closet) is Jo In-Chang,
captain of a special forces team who's been tasked with an important secret mission.

Former Miss A member Bae Suzy ("Vagabond") plays Jo's pregnant wife, Choi Ji-Young.
She struggles to survive the disaster in Seoul, not knowing of her husband's whereabouts.

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Cinema Online, 14 February 2020

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