5 romantic movies for a perfect Valentine's date

Writer: Florey DM

Love is in the air. This Valentine's Day, the best gift for a movie-loving couple is a perfect movie date at the cinemas, snuggling up in the cosy seats and sharing a big bucket of popcorn. Just in time for Valentine's are three new romantic releases, adding on to the romance films that are already showing in cinemas. Take a look below at the five romantic movies that are perfect for a Valentine's Day movie date.

"Stand By Me" follows Jiu Bing, who has been in love with Bo He for a very long time
but is stuck in the friend zone. He then meets Xia Tian and
they accidentally turn into internet celebrities.

"The Exchange" revolves around loving couple Dojo and May, who decide to rob a bank to get the
money for Dojo's brain tumour surgery. They end up as hostages instead when
three professional robbers also rob the place at the same time.

"Love Again" tells the story of Hyun-Woo, who enjoys his single life following
his divorce from Sun-Young. But when he meets her again one day, she already has a
new boyfriend, Sang-Cheol, who doesn't know they used to be married.

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Cinema Online, 13 February 2020

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