Araya A. Hargate stars in dual role in "Tootsies and the Fake"

Writer: Florey DM

Thai model-actress Araya A. Hargate stars in a dual role in "Tootsies and the Fake", playing a beautiful celebrity (which she pretty much already is in real life) and a loud-mouthed street food hawker (now that's new). The story begins with Gayzilla Golf, Gus, Kim and Natty trying to find a look-alike to replace Cathy for a big TV commercial after Golf accidentally causes the celebrity to fall and slip into a coma. Fortunately for them, they find a hawker, Nam, who looks a lot like her. Unfortunately for them, Nam has none of her charm or good manners. Now they must groom Nam so she will be ready for the commercial or risk facing a 50-million-baht lawsuit. Take a look at the stills below to see what's in store in the Thai comedy.

Get ready! Here comes Tootsies and that Fake or Real?

Cathy (in white) doesn't seem very impressed with Nam.

Possibly the hottest commercial for light bulbs.

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Cinema Online, 06 March 2020

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