"Jailbreak: ការពារឧក្រិដ្ឋជន" teaser trailer is full of action!

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

"Jailbreak" promises to be a fast paced action film.

12 Dec – The teaser trailer for the much anticipated Cambodian action movie, "Jailbreak" is finally out!

The one minute plus teaser trailer gives fans a glimpse into what the story is about, and let us tell you, it's not just a simple story of breaking out of jail like the title suggests.

On par with full-on action films like "The Raid" (2011) and "Dredd" (2012), audiences can expect non-stop fast paced action in this Jimmy Henderson directed feature, especially since the plot revolves around four SWAT team members and a visiting French liaison officer who are sent to escort a dangerous man named Playboy from the notorious Butterfly Gang to a maximum security prison. But when the real Playboy; a gang leader hears about the impostor who wants to rat on the gang for a reduced prison sentence, he then orders a hit on him no matter what the consequences.

A prison riot then breaks out and what was supposed to be a simple mission suddenly turns chaotically deadly. Sounds great doesn't it?

The teaser trailer shows you bits and pieces of the heart clenching moments, and we will have to wait for the movie to be released early next year to find out if all the law enforcers can make it out of the prison alive!

The Khmer language movie is led by actor Jean-Paul Ly who is no stranger to the action genre and doing his own stunts, having starred in big Hollywood productions like "Marvel's Doctor Strange", "Lucy" and "24 Live Another Day", therefore it is expected that the movie will mark an important milestone for the Cambodian film industry as it will be the first high budget action-packed Cambodian film.

Another big name starring in the movie is well-known actor Savin Phillip, who audiences would remember from director Jimmy Henderson's other recent film, "Hanuman".

Produced by Kongchak Pictures and Westec Media Limited and distributed by Pu Prum Entertainment, don't forget to catch the movie this 31 January 2017!

Watch the teaser trailer below!


Cinema Online, 12 December 2016

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