Virtual reality fun at "The Conjuring 2" preview

Writer: Cheata Vann

A fan watching "The Conjuring 2" on virtual reality goggles.

9 Jun – The most anticipated horror movie, "The Conjuring 2", was screened for the first time during its pre-screening at Legend Cinemas TK Avenue.

The pre-screening took place yesterday, with approximately 210 people in attendance, all excited to be the first ones to watch the much anticipated horror movie in Cambodia.

"I love the first movie. I still remember it vividly. I can't wait to see how much scarier "The Conjuring 2" is than the first one," said one horror enthusiast.

Prior to the screening, fans of the horror movie had the chance to experience the Oculus Gear VR device, immersing themselves in the movie's full scariness by watching its 360 degree video on the virtual reality goggles.

After the pre-screening of "The Conjuring 2", a member of the local music team Khmer Pride shared his thoughts on it, saying, "I was holding my breath in almost every scene, it's the best horror movie I've seen so far."

Meanwhile internet sensation Senghour said, "I was so scared, then somebody touched my shoulder from behind and I almost lost it."

"The Conjuring 2" is the sequel to director James Wan 2013 movie, "The Conjuring", which went on to become a very remarkable horror hit in the history of horror films in Cambodia.

Facebook stars and movie fans at the event.

How about a smile before going for the scary movie?

This fan's definitely excited to watch "The Conjuring 2".

Some of the lucky fans who got to watch "The Conjuring 2" before anyone else in Cambodia.

A fan being interviewed before the movie.

"The Conjuring 2" releases in cinemas from 10 June onward.

Cinema Online, 09 June 2016

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