Annabelle 'haunts' fans at pre-screening

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Even "Jailbreak" stars Tharoth Sam and Dara Our are terrified of Annabelle.

14 Aug – The scariest movie of the year, "Annabelle: Creation", has finally opened in Cambodian cinemas last weekend much to the delight of horror movie fans.

A pre-screening for the scary sequel was held on 10 August at two locations in Phnom Penh: Legend Toul Kork and Major Cineplex.

Unsurprisingly, the horror movie gained a lot of support from fans, who expressed their excitement for it before the screening began and their love for it after watching the movie.

Since the horror genre has a quite a populous following in the country, moviegoers were definitely looking forward to the "Annabelle" sequel starring the titular possessed doll.

Either they didn't care or they didn't realize Annabelle has captured their friend.

These buddies think it's always better to watch horror movies in a group.

A fan trying out watching horror shows in VR.

The movie had everyone sitting at the edge of their seats during the pre-screening, holding their breath through the many intense and suspenseful moments in the movie. After the movie, fans couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was and how much they enjoyed it.

At the pre-screening event, lucky fans who get to attend it not only get to watch the movie a day ahead of everyone else, they also get to take photos with the cosplayer who was dressed in white and had braided hair just like Annabelle!

Fans also had the chance to experience watching horror shows in Virtual Reality (VR) using the VR device available at the event.

If you didn't get to watch the movie during the pre-screening, don't worry, you can still catch "Annabelle: Creation" on the big screen as it is now showing in all cinemas.

Cinema Online, 14 August 2017

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