"Jailbreak" represents Cambodia at FEFF in Italy

Writer: Florey DM

L-R: "Jailbreak" actor Jean-Paul Ly, director Jimmy Henderson, actress Tharoth Sam
and producer Loy Te at FEFF 2017 in Italy.

24 Apr – "Jailbreak" definitely does justice to its #KhmerPride hashtag as the action movie has made Cambodia proud once again.

It is currently showing at the 19th edition of the Udine Far East Film Festival (FEFF) in Italy, which takes place until 29 April 2017.

The movie made its debut on 21 April, the first day of the film festival, at Teatro Nuovo, where director Jimmy Henderson, who hails from Italy himself, made a special guest appearance along with his cast, Cambodian-French actor Jean-Paul Ly and Cambodian MMA fighter Tharoth Sam, and producer Loy Te.

"Somewhere along the way we did something right and it was worth it," said Loy, producer of the Khmer action movie, at the event. "We're happy to take that stand for Cambodia today."

"Jailbreak" cast, director and producer speaking at the 19th Udine Far East Film Festival
(Photo source: "Jailbreak's" Facebook).

The prestigious film festival is known as the film festival for popular Asian cinemas. "Jailbreak" is the sole representative of Cambodia this year, chosen to be part of the line-up that includes movies from countries such as Thailand ("One Day", "Siam Square"), Korea ("The Prison", "Fabricated City"), Hong Kong ("The Sleep Curse") and more.

The Khmer movie was released in Cambodia on 31 January 2017 and has since been part of various film festivals, including Cambodia International Film Festival (CIFF) 2017 and Hong Kong Filmart 2017, where it made its international premiere.

"Jailbreak" will be screened next at FEFF at Visionario this 28 April.

Check out this clip of the "Jailbreak" cast, director and producer at Udine Far East Film Festival 2017:

(Photo source: Ricky Madena | FEFF 19)

Cinema Online, 24 April 2017

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