"Jailbreak": first Khmer movie to screen in Hong Kong cinemas

Writer: Florey DM

Cambodian movie "Jailbreak" is now showing in Hong Kong.

29 Jan – Khmer action movie "Jailbreak" sets record by becoming the first movie from Cambodia to be screened in Hong Kong cinemas.

Premiering in its home country last January, the Cambodian movie has gone on to be screened in regional cinemas including Laos and Malaysia as well last year.

It also managed to cross into the Hong Kong market, having been selected at the 2017 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival for a midnight screening.

However, this year, it opened a new chapter in Hong Kong film history by being the first Cambodian movie to officially be shown on the big screens in Hong Kong.

Aside from Hong Kong, "Jailbreak" has also successfully penetrated the Macao market, becoming the first movie from Cambodia to do so as well.

"Jailbreak", directed by Cambodia-based Italian filmmaker Jimmy Henderson, stars French-Cambodian Hollywood stuntman Jean-Paul Ly in the lead as well as Bokator expert Dara Our and MMA champion Sam Tharoth.

It follows a police team who is tasked to escort a member of a gang to a high security prison. A riot breaks out at the prison when the gang's leader orders a hit on him, forcing the team to protect him while they try to find a way to escape the riot.

Since its release in Cambodia last year, the movie has traveled to various film festivals including the 2017 Fantasia International Film Festival in Italy, the 2017 Singapore International Film Festival and the Luang Prabang Film Festival in Laos.

Cinema Online, 29 January 2018

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