"Jailbreak" producers take on teenage romance next

Writer: Vong Phal Solysa

"Young Love" cast at the blessing ceremony for the movie.

9 Aug – It's been over a year since "Jailbreak" hit Cambodian cinemas back in January 2017 and it has since become one of the most successful blockbusters directed and produced by a local production team.

Now Kongchak Pictures, the production team behind "Jailbreak's" success, is coming back with a brand new film called "Young Love".

Kicking off the production with a blessing ceremony on August 7, the whole cast and crew gathered together at Western School Sunway to bestow fortune and luck on the team before starting the shooting.

Set to release in local cinemas in 2019, the film is produced by Loy Te and it will be the feature directorial debut for a young female director named Lomorpich Rithy (Yoki).

"Young Love" is a romance film that explores the teenage love scene in modern Phnom Penh while touching on the challenge of balancing love, friendship and family.

"[The movie] is not only about love, but the new perspective of love at a young age. It's about young hope, young dream and young life," the director said.

The blessing ceremony for "Young Love" held at Western School Sunway.

The cast of the film include Kong Chansreyden, who will be playing the main character Kesor, Chea Socheat from the popular duo Kmeng Khmer, and David Sophy Rong from Small World Small Band.

Others stars who will appear in the movie include members of two dance groups, 4NIX and OMG Dance Crew, both of whom are popular with the young crowds.

While "Jailbreak" was filled with masculine actions and testosterones, "Young Love" is said to be full of teenage love.

With the success of "Jailbreak" and several other feature film projects under development, Kongchak Pictures is becoming one of the biggest leaders in the Cambodian film industry.

Get ready to fall for "Young Love" when it opens in cinemas next year.

Cinema Online, 09 August 2018

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