Aaron Kwok wins Best Actor accolade in London

Writer: Heidi Hsia

Aaron Kwok won Best Actor for his role in "I'm Livin' It".
Aaron Kwok won Best Actor for his role in "I'm Livin' It".

5 Nov- Aaron Kwok recently won Best Actor at the 2019 London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF).

The news was shared by the actor himself on social media with a video from the said event, writing, "Thank you for the award. Thank you to the judges of the London East Asia Film Festival, also to the team of "I'm Livin' It". All happiness is shared together."

In another post, Aaron expressed his joy of participating in the festival, especially being part of this year's Actor Focus and sharing his experience with everybody.

"It was a surprise for me to win the [Best Actor] prize. I often say that the most important thing in becoming an actor is to play the role to your very best. Winning or not is not the priority. However, if you work hard to do a good movie, and create a good role, the awards will come to you," he wrote.

The actor also expressed his happiness that his new movie, "I'm Livin' It", has been receiving positive word-of-mouth from both the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) and the said London festival.

"I really am a madman who loves acting, who loves to subvert the traditional role, and I hope that this would be my lifelong career and that I would always have a good character to show everyone," he added.

(Photo source: Aaron Kwok's Instagram)

Cinema Online, 05 November 2019

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