Charlie Yeung's "Hello! Tapir" shortlisted for Golden Horse Awards

Writer: Heidi Hsia

"Hello! Tapir" is touted as Taiwan's first live-action/animation fantasy film.
"Hello! Tapir" is touted as Taiwan's first live-action/animation fantasy film.

26 Aug –"Hello! Tapir", the upcoming film starring Charlie Yeung a.k.a. Charlie Young, has recently been named among the films that is shortlisted for the upcoming Golden Horse Awards.

As reported on Mingpao, the film, dubbed Taiwan's first live-action/animation fantasy film, revolves around a child who believes in the story of a magical beast who can make dreams come true.

Directed by Kethsvin Chee, the film also co-stars Lu Xuefeng, Li Liren, and Bai Runyin.

Among other films that have been shortlisted for the upcoming awards are the Kai Ko-starrer "A Choo" and Gwei Lun-mei's "A Leg".

It was back in 2018 that the Chinese National Film Bureau called for a boycott against the Golden Horse Awards over the political turmoil between China and Taiwan, which resulted in the withdrawal of Chinese movies and several Hong Kong productions from the said event.

The situation remains the same this year, with many Hong Kong films released in Taiwan deciding not to register for participation.

The upcoming 57th Golden Horse Awards will be held this 21 November. The final shortlist will be announced this 30 September.

Cinema Online, 26 August 2020