Cambodia reopens cinemas from today

Writer: Florey DM

Cambodian moviegoers can now enjoy films in cinemas again!
Cambodian moviegoers can now enjoy films in cinemas again!

19 Nov – Less than two weeks since the second round of cinema closure commenced in Cambodia following the Ministry of Health's order on 8 November, cinemas in the kingdom are now once again allowed to resume operations.

Film exhibitors in the country started posting the good news on their respective Facebook pages yesterday evening.

As per the updates by Legend Cinema, Major Cineplex, Prime Cineplex, Barayandet Cinema and Sarayandet Cinema, all their locations in Cambodia will welcome cinema patrons back from today, 19 November.

Previously, the first round of cinema closure begun earlier this year on 18 March, as COVID-19 cases started rising. It lasted for several months and Cambodian cinemas were finally allowed to reopen on 8 August.

However, cinemas were ordered to close once again earlier this month. At the same time, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, after being in recent contact with Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto who tested positive for COVID-19, had decided to undergo quarantine at home despite testing negative himself. The Prime Minister updated on his Facebook that he will be returning to work from today.

(Photo source: Khmer Times)

Cinema Online, 19 November 2020