Michelle Williams to portray Peggy Lee in new movie

Writer: Heidi Hsia

5 Feb –Michelle Williams is set to play American jazz singer-songwriter Peggy Lee in the upcoming biopic about the legendary singer, to be produced by Reese Witherspoon.

The upcoming film, "Fever", will be directed by Todd Haynes, who has worked with Williams on the Bob Dylan movie, "I'm Not Here", and who has also been nominated in the Academy Awards for his screenplay of the 2002 period drama film, "Far From Heaven".

"Fever" was originally written by filmmaker Nora Ephron, but the project was delayed after Ephron died in 2012. It is now written by Doug Wright, who has won awards for his work, "I Am My Own Wife".

Peggy Lee rose to fame at the height of the big band era
Peggy Lee rose to fame at the height of the big band era

Williams is no stranger to playing real person in various movies. She previously played the role of Gwen Verdon in the FX series, "Fosse/Verdon", and Marilyn Monroe in the 2012 movie, "My Week With Marilyn".

Legendary jazz performer Peggy Lee became famous in the 1940s all the way to the '70s for her hit songs such as "Big Spender", "Why Don't You Do Right?", "He's A Tramp", and "Fever".

 Williams playing Gwen Verdon in
Williams playing Gwen Verdon in "Fosse/Verdon"
Cinema Online, 05 February 2021