"No Time to Die" surpasses "F9" in global box office number

Writer: Heidi Hsia

Daniel Craig bids adieu to James Bond
Daniel Craig bids adieu to James Bond

16 Nov – "No Time to Die" has finally surpassed "F9" to be the biggest Hollywood movie of the pandemic era at the international box office.

The movie, which marks the final 007 movie for Daniel Craig, made USD 558.2 million in ticket sales worldwide, besting the Vin Diesel-starrer, which earned USD 549 million in total.

However, "F9" still reigns supreme in the US, with USD 173 million compared to its rival's USD 150 million, and remains the top-grossing Hollywood title during the pandemic era with USD 721 million in global ticket sales.

"F9" reigns supreme in the US

On the other hand, Marvel's "Eternal" is doing much better in its global performance since it premiered on 5 November compared to its domestic sales, with the number continuing to go up despite the lacklustre reviews from critics and audiences alike.

"Eternals" is gaining ground

Cinema Online, 16 November 2021

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